Why Us ???:


First a little history …

to our surprise, the concept of Speed Dating was created by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo.  Speed Dating was initially designed as “rapid-fire courtship” process, to help Jewish singles to meet and if God wills, to marry.  Today however, Speed Dating has taken on a life of its own, mainly secular in nature. That said, at CatholicSpeedDating.ca our intention is to stay closer to the roots of Speed Dating, focusing on “courtship” rather than “dating”, and in a manner speaking to Christianize Rabbi Yaacov Deyo concept.

Simply put …

CatholicSpeedDating.ca is about helping
Single Catholics Discern God's Will in their life.

Through the Grace of God …
our goal is to create an

Intentional Faith Based Environment
in order to help you find your spouse,
and to make available the necessary
Tools & Resources, or Spiritual Direction you need,
so you may create a

Holy, Fruitful, and Joyful Sacramental Marriage!!!

  Thus, Creating a Foundation for a Strong