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Gambling with God – “Thy will be done”:


  1. The Holy See:                                                                                                                                        Vatican: http://www.vatican.va
  2. Catholic Diocese of Calgary:                                                                            http://www.calgarydiocese.ca
  3. Catholic Diocese of Calgary – Life & Family Resource Centre:                     http://www.calgarydiocese.ca/life-a-family-resource-centre.htm
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Would You Date You:

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Good News About Sex & Marriage:

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The ABC's of Choosing A Good Wife:

The ABC's of Choosing A Good Husband:

Tools & Resources

Church Documents:

Gaudium et Spes – Constitution on the Church in the Modern:

Humanae Vite – On Human Life:

Familiaris Consortio – The Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World:

Donum Vitae – Instruction On Respect For Human Life In Its Origin And On The Dignity Of Procreation, Replies To Certain Questions Of The Day:

Deus Caritas Est – God Is Love:


Theology of the Body (TOB):

Near the beginning of his Pontificate, Pope John Paul II gave a series of 129 short lectures/sermons during the Wednesday General Audience.  This collection of lectures/sermons, given between September 5th, 1979 & November 28th, 1984, has now come to be known as “The Theology of the Body”:


The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC):

The Catechism has a lot to tell us about Sacramental Marriage.  The CCC is a very easy and quick read:


The Code of Canon Law:

Like the CCC, Canon Law also has a lot to tell us about Sacramental Marriage.  However, unlike CCC, Canon Law is more legalistic.  Nevertheless, it is pertinent, and it gives us a legal view on how the Church views and esteems Sacramental Marriage (note: each section is fairly short):

Books & Articles:

The 5 Love Languages: