This is a BINDING agreement (“Agreement”) between you (the “User”)

and CSD Inc. (“CSD Inc.”)


PHONE: (587) 333-1099


In order to use this website, (the “Site”), and attend any CSD Inc. Event, you as a User MUST first AGREE to be bound by and agree to comply with and accept all terms and provisions contained in this Agreement. THEREFORE, please DO NOT use this Site unless you AGREE to be BOUNDED by this Agreement:



1.1) CATHOLIC: You must be a baptized Catholic, or in the process of being accepted into the Catholic Church (R.C.I.A).

1.2) AGE: You must be a minimum age of 21 years old to register for any of our Events.

1.3) SINGLE STATUS: You have never been married; or a widow; or if divorced (i) have received an annulment from the Catholic Church, or (ii) a dispensation from the Catholic Church.

1.4) CRIMINAL HISTORY: You have never been convicted of any Criminal Offense.

1.5) CHRISTIAN INTEGRITY: You agree to conduct yourself in a truthful and honest Christian manner, and agree that all personal information submitted by you the User to CSD Inc.. is truthful, honest, and lawful.


#2 - RISK:

2.1) You the User, assumes ALL risk when using the Site or attending any Event.

2.2) You the User, understand that CSD Inc. is not a match making company or a dating agency.  CSD Inc. provides social Events where Catholics can meet one another in a relaxed, comfortable Catholic environment, and Mentorship.

2.3) You the User, understand that CSD Inc. is not able to guarantee the accuracy of information provided by other Users, thus it is important that all registrants be truthful and honest with all their interaction.

2.4) You the User, understand that CSD Inc. does not pre-screen participants attending its Events.  By registering for an Event, you agree that neither CSD Inc., nor any of its agents, employees, volunteers or associates are liable for any damages, direct or indirect, that may arise from participating in a CSD Inc. event, before, during, or after any Event.

2.5) You the User, understand the CSD Inc. is not responsible nor endorses the content of any linked sites.

2.6) You the User, agree and waive any and ALL liability against CSD Inc., any of its associates or coordinators, the venue that the Event is held, and any staff member, as a result of attending any Event, and you affirm that you take sole and complete responsibility for any and all actions that might occur before, during or after any Event.

2.7) You the User, agree that CSD Inc. has the RIGHT to remove you from any Event, at any time, and refuse you entry to an Event.



3.1) PRIVACY STATEMENT: CSD Inc. values your privacy.  THEREFORE, CSD Inc, will never sell, share, or transfer your personal information to any third parties.  All information collected by CSD Inc. will be stored and used by CSD Inc. in compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act of Alberta.

3.2) REGISTRATION INFORMATION: When registering for a CSD Inc. Event, the User will be asked to fill out personal information such as, your first name, contact number, email address, gender, and age range.  This information is used to register you for the Event, start creating your profile, and to open a correspondence between you and CSD Inc.  The User may opt out of this correspondence at anytime, via email notice to CSD Inc.

3.3) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Upon registering for a CSD Inc. Event, a staff member will contact you, answer any question you have, gather any additional pertinent information for your profile, and upon acceptance will request a pre-payment to secure you a seat at the Event.

3.4) CREDIT CARD INFORMATION: CSD Inc. DOES NOT collect any credit card information from the User.  Credit card payments will be processed via the security of PayPal.

3.5) EVENT INFORMATION: Upon arrival at an Event, there will be an Event sign in table.  First, you will be asked to provide your driver's licenses (or valid picture I.D).  NOTE: information verified and gathered will be used ONLY by CSD Inc. for the purpose of confirming ages and identity, and to keep the integrity of the Event.  Second, you will be asked to sign your Registration Form, which includes acceptance of CSD Inc. Terms & Agreement. All information will be strictly kept by CSD Inc., and will NOT be shared with any other individual or company.

3.6) NAME TAG & DATE CARD INFORMATION: At the Event, you will be known only on a first names basis (and occasionally the first initial of your last name, if there is more than one person with the same name).

3.7) EMAIL INFORMATION: If there is a “Mutual Match” (meaning they also picked you), you give CSD Inc. permission to forward to the other individual via email or phone: (1) your first name; and (2)  your email address.



4.1) If you have paid for an Event, and are unable to attend, PLEASE notify CSD Inc. as soon as possible.  CSD Inc. will try to accommodate your situation. CSD Inc., may offer you a credit to another Event, or allow a same-gender friend to replace you at the Event – this will be done at the discretion of CSD Inc.

4.2) MINIMUM 48 HOUR NOTICE: If you wish to receive a full refund (minus a $5.00 administration cost), you will need to notify CSD Inc. of your cancellation a minimum 48 hours prior to an Event.

4.3) LESS THAN 48 HOURS NOTICE: Unfortunately CSD Inc. will not able to give you a refund if: (1) you do not cancel 48 hours prior to the Event; (2) you are unable to make it out to the Event for any reason; and (3) you are so late to the Event, that the Event itself has already started.

Terms & Agreement